100" (Dual) Rear Projection Screen Material, Front Projection Viewable

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Visual Apex Dual Rear Projection Screen Material, Front Projection viewable, 16:9-4k/8k, HD, 3D, HDR - PVC Replacement Screen Fabric for Visual Apex Indoor/Outdoor Projector Screen only.
  • Front Projection viewable, it does not have black backing like our Matte White Front Projection material that comes standard with our Visual Apex projection screens.
  • Screen Material: 0.8 Gain - 150˚ Wide Viewing Angle - Front and Rear Projection - 4K Ultra HD, HDR, 3D Ready - PVC material is washable with soap and water.
  • Excellent for Rear Projection applications where there are lots of people and there is a need to conceal the projector and cords in back of the Screen.
  • Replacement material only fits our Visual Apex Indoor/Outdoor Screens - meets ROHS standards, Visual Apex since 2001.